Happy Birthday Pianissima!



I remember after the 2004 Polish National Show (which was when the WAHO-conference was held in Poland), everyone talked about the bay filly that was so spectacular and so perfect that no one ever seen anyone like that. Her name was… Pianissima. Of course she was named Polish National Junior Champion and Best in Show and everyone that saw her knew that they just witnessed the beginning of an impressive career. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Pianissima!”

Estarda (Gadir x Estancja/Palas) – the fairytale horse


There are some horses that make a huge impression on you and they will always be with you. Emandoria, Pianissima, Etruria, Emigrantka and Algeria are some of the mares I have met that blew me away. All of those amazing mares have also impressed lots of other people around the world and they are all with us through their offspring and their descendants. But not all the amazing horses have the chance to show the world what they are able to do and one of those truly spectacular mares was born at Michalów State Stud in 1990… This grey filly was something really special with a head so extreme that I never had seen anything like it before. Continue reading “Estarda (Gadir x Estancja/Palas) – the fairytale horse”

Powerful memory from the 1989 Swedish National Show


It is a hot Swedish summer day in 1989 at the Swedish National Show and we are at Elmia in Jönköping. Everyone is waiting for the first stallion class to begin and 22 stallions aged 4-7 years old are eager to be shown. The first stallion entering the ring is full of confidence and with an attitude that shout – Here comes the King! And indeed he did – Casino – shown by Michael Byatt. Continue reading “Powerful memory from the 1989 Swedish National Show”

My first visit to Poland – Palas (Aswan x Panel/Nil)

It was a warm and sunny day in September 1989 and I was for the first time at Kurozweki, one of the four State Studs of Arabian Horses in Poland. I was 19 years old at the time and it was my first trip to this amazing country with the illustrious history of their Arabian horses. Kurozweki was a favourite farm for many Swedish breeders and I have had the priviligue to work with several Kurozweki-bred horses so it was with great anticipation that I walk through the gate and toward the first barn. I knew exactly which horses I wanted to see and I was well aware of that I was about to see two legendary stallions, Palas (Aswanx Panel) and Eukaliptus (Bandos x Eunice). Continue reading “My first visit to Poland – Palas (Aswan x Panel/Nil)”